An American Dreamer

Born in Laos during the Vietnam War, Bo was a child of a refugee family caught in the fray and forced to flee. They were fortunate to immigrate to the United States as the war spread into Laos in 1980. More than most kids, he has witnessed life's brutal and ugly side and the lengths people will go to survive. His family settled in Northern Indiana, with the help of a small community of Mennonite parishioners.  There, in the peaceful farming community, he discovered his love of art and his ability to create. Bo’s late father inspired the development of his creative traits as he was a prolific, self-taught painter. 

Today, Bo is living his American dream as an artist in full bloom. He creates and celebrates what he sees as beautiful to overcome those tumultuous childhood years. For him, nature and its representative personifications are gorgeous. Empowering one’s personal hopes and dreams is magical. The freedom to express oneself is power. Art is a catalyst for life and has been a saving grace for Bo’s path to finding peace in adulthood. 

Bo’s path to being an artist began early on, and he continued to educate himself in digital and graphic arts at Purdue University, studying visual communication design. An indulgent mind in many forms led him through an eclectic array of creative industries, from pet fashion to toy manufacturing and stamp making. These past experiences have influenced his work today. He has always considered his creativity and imagination as gifts meant to be explored, expressed, and shared.